Union Defense Force

The Union Defense Force is a small, specially trained military with a focus on minor insertions, psi-ops, intelligence gathering and local protection. It is entirely volunteer-based, and believes strongly in technology being the upper hand in combat encounters. The majority of its resources go to maintaining its Interplanetary Fleet and the Marine Corps. Aside from small disputes within the population, the UDF has seen no real military combat.

  • Union Marine Corps.
  • Union Interplanetary Fleet
  • Inner Planetary Colonial Guard

Earth Solar Armed Forces

With the largest military and the most experience in the art of warfare, Earth has the most powerful and most capable combat force in the Solar System. It is composed of a large (some would say bloated) interstellar fleet as its primary asset, with other divisions offering a supporting defensive role. The ESAF has been involved in limited engagements with the Martian Confederacy during its attempts at independence.

  • Earth Solar Defense Fleet
  • Earth Air Defense Force
  • Earth Marine Command
  • Earth Intercontinental & Lunar Army
  • Earth Intercontinental Navy

Military of the Martian Confederacy

The Military of the Martian Confederacy comes in as a close second to the ESAF. It bears the second largest military force, with a strong emphasis on using the military to assist and serve civilian life. Most resources are in the Interstellar Navy and Home Guard, both of which are often tasked with protecting and assisting civilian interests. The Martian Military has had clashes with Galilea Prime, caused by labor disputes on Ganymede which caused major crackdowns by the relatively oppressive government.

  • Confederate Land Forces
  • Martian Aquatic Navy
  • Martian Interstellar Navy
  • Confederate Home Guard

Galilean Protection Forces

The Galilean Protection Forces work in service of the ruling heads of Galilea Prime, and thus generally focus on protecting industry. Colonial Guard soldiers are often seen protecting cargo shipments, enforcing order in manufacturing centers, and maintaining the peace as national policing forces. Galilea Prime also has a robust intelligence agenda, maintained in conjunction by Spec Ops and the Rangers. The Foreign Legion also serves to spread positive beliefs about the government through foreign inductees.

  • Galilean Colonial Guard
  • Galilean Special Operations Command
  • The Star Fleet of Galilea Prime
  • Rangers of Galilea Prime
  • Galilean Foreign Legion

Outer Planetary Armed Forces

The Outer Planetary Armed Forces are a limited military force, primarily made up of cargo vessels that work as privateers in exchange for weaponry and monetary compensation. For 3 months in a year, privateers perform missions for the Fleet, often involving scouting and exploration into the Kuiper Belt. In the event of war, all vessels contracted as privateers are prepared to fight for the sovereignty of the League.

  • Privateer Fleet of the League of Outer Planets
  • League Planetary Guard
  • Outer Planetary Marine Force


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