Current Events

Mormon Migration

At present, a massive push by the Church of Latter-Day Saints is underway to construct a massive colony ship, destined for Alpha Centauri B. Astronomical observations from the last century have confirmed the presence of several Earth-sized planets, at least one of which is predicted to be within the star’s habitable zone. Mormons are determined to found the first extra-solar colony there, where they can worship freely and develop a civilization around biblical truth and law. Billions upon billions have been poured into a shipyard and 2-mile long vessel in an effort to build a generational fleet to make the 4.23 light-year trip.

Resurgence of UFO Popularity

A resurgence in UFO cults and interest in aliens has occurred as of late, resulting in large numbers joining organizations dedicated to taking long-range flights into the Kuiper Belt, where aliens are predicted to have established observation posts, have left ancient artifacts, or are even living within comets.

Anti-Mutant and Anti-Cyborg Movements

Recent pushes for legislation against mutants and cyborgs have been slowly gaining momentum throughout the System, particularly amongst right-wing and conservative groups. Protest organizations and religious institutions have been attempting to convince politicians and media figures to encourage segregation and restrictions placed on these individuals, including limiting rights or the ability to reproduce. Mutant and cyborg rights groups have been fiercely fighting back against these attempts, resulting in their rights becoming a tense, hot-button topic in current society. Anti-mutant and anti-cyborg sentiment has made the greatest strides in the League of Outer Planets, where religious and fringe elements are better represented.

Bail Enforcement & Criminal Apprehension Bureau

A recent rise in piracy and criminal activity, due to the dispersion of unsavory elements from the Belt Territories, has resulted in most law enforcement agencies becoming overworked and understaffed for the titanic task. Thus, a multi-organizational group known as the Bail Enforcement & Criminal Apprehension Bureau has been recently established, empowering licensed individuals with the ability to act as bounty hunters. Regular postings are made by the organization, each with a set bounty total given to the bounty hunter in question. Most times, apprehension requires the criminal to be deposited with law enforcement agencies alive and relatively unharmed, but other times, a significantly dangerous criminal may be taken in, dead or alive….

Current Events

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