Cutler Palouse

Captain of the Sungrazer


Cutler Palouse is a long-time rival of Chance Taylor. Former friends in the Earth Solar Defense Fleet, Cutler continued in a career as a fighter pilot even after Chance was kicked out for risky behavior inside the cockpit. She quickly found Chance to be a risky and immature individual, resulting in their friendship falling apart.

Years later, the two found themselves as pilots in the transport business. Cutler, thanks to a spotless record and numerous awards for successful military missions, easily found work with one of the Martian corporations, receiving an expensive transport and a well-trained crew. This has caused some ‘friction’ between Chance and Cutler, which she regularly brings up.

Cutler herself is generally a warm, humorous individual with a strong sense of duty. Nevertheless, she can become very harsh whenever her command is questioned, or she feels someone isn’t taking something seriously. She’s a capable fighter and an even more capable pilot when it comes to ultra-light vessels.

“A real bitch. An absolute cunt.” – Chance Taylor

Cutler Palouse

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