PILGRIM: Travels in Space is set in the year 2190, at the end of the First Age of Interstellar Humanity. Humanity has spread throughout most of the Solar System, embarking on massive campaigns to transform their new worlds through terraforming and colonization. Massive planetary empires have arisen, cultures have rocked, and humanity appears to be on the verge of a startling shift into a new universe.

Our heroes are members of the ECV Providence, a rough-and-tumble smuggling vessel, as it seeks to stay afloat by shipping freight and engaging in illegal activities under the noses of the authorities. But beyond that, the Providence and her crew find themselves surrounded on all sides, as governments expand their influence, conflict brews, rival gangs and smugglers seek to monopolize crime in the system, and mysterious events threaten to shred the fragile peace apart.

From their home port of Portland, on the North American continent, the Providence crew are freelancers with a new, regular run between Earth, Luna, and Mars. The contract for the run was won by Captain Chance Taylor, having just won himself a new ship.

(to be continued…)


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