Rhymer Horn

Controller for Interplanetary Freight Solutions


Rhymer Horn is a beleaguered Controller working for Interplanetary Freight Solutions, a shipping firm that contracts out to independent vessels. The Providence is assigned to Horn, meaning that he provides possible contracts for the crew, as well as works to assure that cargo makes it’s way to the proper destination with a minimal amount of damage.

Assigned several days ago, he was the person who connected the Providence with the Museum transport job. He seems to believe the false paperwork submitted by Chance, indicating that your vessel, and it’s captain, are all capable, qualified, and keep out of trouble. He’s not a fan of the company’s ‘Three Strikes’ rule concerning lost or damaged cargo, so it’ll be important to stay on his good side, unless you want to find a new shipping firm after your contract’s terminated early.

Entirely convinced that his talents aren’t being utilized fully, Horn is surly, sarcastic, and utterly upset over the amount of work shoveled his way. Running twenty vessel contracts every week is giving him premature wrinkles, a fact he does not like commented on. Approach with caution. Especially on Mondays.

Rhymer Horn

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